People may think that being beautiful has no downsides; you’re popular, you get drinks for free, you look good in all your clothes.

But believe it or not, being beautiful isn’t always easy! Just ask Kuwaiti actor Abdul Aziz Al Kassar, who was recently arrested in Saudi Arabia for upsetting public order by being “too handsome”.

Al Kassar paid a visit to Saudi Arabia last week for work and wanted to spend some of his leisure-time shopping. As anyone unfamiliar to an area would do, he used social media to ask locals where the best shopping mall was and then he went there… and posted about it.

He apparently didn’t think that one through, though, because upon his arrival to the mall, his young, female fans rushed over, wanting to take pictures—and more specifically selfies—with the handsome actor.

▼ Those girls were so happy to see him, but oops… there he goes…

While amid the mob of young ladies, Al Kassar was “rescued” by a white-clad officer and taken to a back room. Little did he know, however, that this was actually a  “religious officer,” from the organization formally known as the “Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,” and Al Kassar was being arrested.

▼ Another view of the incident from within

Although he is now out on bail, the famous actor may be prosecuted for mixing with women unrelated to him and abusing social media, using it to meet women and take pictures with them, which are all illegal by Sharia Law.

Well, there you have it: if you’re too famous or handsome, not only do you have to deal with adoring fans flocking to your every outing and the buzzing and camera flashes of paparazzi, but in certain countries, you have to deal with not getting arrested for causing public disorder. We’re pretty sure Al Kassar will be rethinking his social media use in the future…

Sources: Record China, Telegraph
Images: Info7