Japanese airline ANA promotes traditional culture with kabuki-theme safety video【Video】

Colorful costumes and elegant poses guide passengers through safety instructions with remarkable style and finesse.

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We talked with Pacific Rim: Uprising’s John Boyega and Steven S. DeKnight in a monster interview

We get down to the nitty gritty of being professionals in the movie industry.

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Famous Kuwaiti actor is “too handsome”, arrested for causing public disturbance

People may think that being beautiful has no downsides; you’re popular, you get drinks for free, you look good in all your clothes.

But believe it or not, being beautiful isn’t always easy! Just ask Kuwaiti actor Abdul Aziz Al Kassar, who was recently arrested in Saudi Arabia for upsetting public order by being “too handsome”.

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US actor Misha Collins meets “Santa” in Japan, tweets about it in Japanese

When American actor-director Misha Collins, who you might know from roles in Supernatural and 24 or appearances in CSI and ER, visited Japan recently, his tweets sparked excitement online. Mr Collins tweeted several snaps of his time in Japan, including his encounter with a very eccentric Santa Claus!

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“Nomad actor” Dean Fujioka makes his American debut in ‘The Pinkertons’

Whatever your job entails, the strongest support is usually closest to home. But actor Dean Fujioka is better known in Taiwan and Hong Kong than he is in his native Japan.

The actor, musician and director, who made his American debut earlier this month in the wild west detective series The Pinkertons, calls himself a “nomad actor” – as long as there’s an international airport, he’ll go wherever his work takes him.

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Taka Kato first hit the adult film industry in 1988. Since then he has appeared in 15,000 productions, earned the Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Award for Best Male AV Actor, crossed-over into television, released several books, and “worked” with around 8,000 female actresses. He’s also done a fantastic job for a porn star to diversify his fame.

Still – adult film work alone – how much do you think a male actor in the Japanese adult film industry stands to take in over a 26-year career? In a recent News Post Seven article Kato revealed how big of a wad (of cash) producers were willing to drop on him.

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