“Hey, British taxi driver, take us to the best fish and chips shop in this part of London!”

Will another taxi consultation result in another delicious meal?

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Rush hour trains in London are worse than Tokyo, according to our Japanese-language reporter

After riding on the Tube in London, our Japanese reporter is thankful for crowded Tokyo trains. 

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This London ramen restaurant’s super-strange ramen shocks our Japanese taste-tester

Anarchy in the U.K. ramen bowl.

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Our Japanese language reporter visits a U.K. sushi chain, is blown away by its original “sushi”

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that the sushi was unique…but it sure surprised Seiji!

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We turn into paranormal investigators, check out the “world’s scariest” haunted spot in the U.K.

Using a Japanese ghost-hunting device, we find out if Chillingham Castle is as haunted as they say.

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SoraNews24’s Seiji goes to England to find fame with the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen

In preparation for his music festival debut, our reporter once again summons the spirit of a Swedish guitar hero.

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X Japan’s Yoshiki apologizes for scarf malfunction while watching polo with Queen Elizabeth II

Describes monarch as “very sweet.”

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Japanese Internet sad to see the word “chikan” becoming commonly used in English

The country was proud when “emoji” and “anime” became part of English-speakers’ vocabulary. But when the British government uses the Japanese word for “train gropers?” Not so much.

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U.K. authorities issue warning about anime-style video game Doki Doki Literature Club after death

Coroner shares concerns that dead 15-year-old “had used an online game called Doki Doki.”

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Anime fans in the U.K. will have to wait a long, long me before they can buy Your Name on Blu-ray

Amazon lists release date for hit Makoto Shinkai movie.

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English-dubbed trailer released for anime film Your Name 【Video】

Millions of people have seen Makoto Shinkai’s newest anime, but no one’s heard it like this yet.

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Live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service stage play coming to London this winter, report claims

Sounds like the U.K. is getting its second Studio Ghibli anime-based stage production, and very soon.

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U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s cat charms and surprises Japan by Tweeting in Japanese

Two months into his job, the feline Palmerston is already looking to expand his outreach to a global scale.

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Young martial artist slices through the competition, takes the internet by storm

Female fighters in Japan and all across the globe and are inspiring a whole new generation of young women to take up martial arts in what has traditionally been considered a male-dominated domain, like this adorable pint-sized warrior who’s starring in a new music video.

But another young female athlete found herself suddenly in the spotlight for her proficiency in multiple martial arts, catching the attention of viewers all across the world by channeling her inner ninja with an amazing video of her performing her best sword fighting techniques.

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Superdry: The “Japanese” fashion brand that most Japanese people have never even heard of

Recently, our Japanese writer P.K. Sanjun was visiting Australia on official RocketNews24 business when he noticed something odd. Every now and then, he would spot a person with a T-shirt or bag with incomprehensible Japanese written on it.

Originally thinking this was just the work of some bootleggers working a local flea market, P.K. was shocked to later learn that Superdry was a fashion brand that sells all over the world…all over except for Japan, that is.

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“30 iconic dishes from around the world” infographic has us wanting to go on a gastronomic tour

Given a map, could you name an iconic dish from every country in the world? We’re guessing probably not.

Some foods are now so famous globally they practically stand as symbols for their country as a whole (think “sushi” and you think “Japan”), while others are instantly recognizable on smaller regional or local scales (unless you’re familiar with Icelandic culture or study Viking lore, you’ve probably never heard of “hákarl” before). If you’re fascinated by the intersection of food and culture, you’ll definitely want to check out this cool new infographic on the topic!

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YouTuber asks “Is it really racist if you can’t tell Asians from different countries apart?”

“All Asian people look alike” is something that many Westerners are bound to have heard at some point in their lives. While some people argue that such a statement is an example of racial discrimination, one man is out to challenge the view by arguing that not being able to tell people of certain ethnicities apart is not equivalent to being a racist.

British YouTuber GradeAUnderA recently posted a cheeky video titled Racism Test–See How Racist You Really Are!, which has already spread around the world during its short existence. In the video, he attempts to call out people who are hypersensitive to racism by daring his viewers to pass a five-round quiz in which they have to identify the ethnicity, vocation, and so on of certain people based solely on their outer appearances. Many Japanese net users have so far found the quiz to be extremely difficult–how will you fare?

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Scottish university researches discover new way to keep ice cream tasty and fresh

Early ice cream production methods date all the way back to B.C. times, and even today people are still coming up with new and improved ways to enjoy this tasty treat. In Japan, this sometimes means inventing weird ice cream flavors or combining it with other popular foods like ramen. In fact, some Japanese people even believe you can learn a thing or two about another person’s personality by watching how they eat their ice cream.

But Japan isn’t the only country with a fondness for ice cream. The United Kingdom, for example, recently ranked in as one of the top 10 ice cream-consuming countries in the world. Not only do people in the  U.K. enjoy satisfying their sweet tooth, they’re also coming up with ways to savor their ice cream longer, as a result of new research by two Scottish universities.

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