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There are few places on this planet as diverse and international as New York City. Whether it’s a fair estimation or not, the Big Apple also has a common image that is a little less appealing, however: one of being a little bit dirty and home to a veritable army of rodents.

Questions of their cleanliness aside, apparently the New York City rats are just as diverse and talented as their human cohabiters. Take for example this little guy who looks like he may be training for some kind of Ninja Warrior competition for rodents. 

▼ Does the rat world have ninja?


It could be that with so many rats in one area, you’re just bound to have some that are smarter or more acrobatic than others. Maybe they’re having to evolve as New Yorkers are using public trash cans more, so there’s less garbage on the streets for the rats to play in.

▼  Is he a real-life Master Splinter, the martial arts expert rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


How this little guy came to be able to do such acrobatic, ninja-like tricks may never be known, but if his little rat babies learn to do it too, New York may want to start thinking about increasing their rodent control. May we suggest ninja cats?

Sources: ToychanMetro
Images: Imgur via Metro (edited by RocketNews24), DeviantArt (ShinMusashi44)