It’s the hottest item to add to kitty’s winter 2016-2017 collection.

Pets are so adored in Japan that it’s not uncommon to see them being carried about like royalty by their owners and pushed along in specially designed custom-made strollers on the street. This life of luxury is just an extension of the treatment they receive at home, where besotted humans bestow gifts of toys and cute accessories on the furry object of their affections, and now there’s a new item for fashion-conscious cats that everyone has their eye on.


It’s the “Neko Muffler” or “Cat Scarf”, which is made from acrylic yarn and boasts a lightness and soft elasticity that ensures maximum comfort for its wearer. The stylish interwoven red-and-navy-blue design is a perfect way to add a regal look to any type of feline.

The Cat Scarf comes in two sizes: medium (21-25 centimetres), which is suitable for cats between six months and 2 years of age; and large (26-30 centimetres), which can be worn by cats over the age of two. The soft collar-style scarves also come boxed in stylish packaging for gift-giving. 


Priced at 1,980 yen (US$17.60), the scarves can be purchased from Amazon Japan or the col online store. The warm-looking collar looks set to be the latest item that Japanese cats will be adding to their wardrobe, along with animal hats and bandanas!

Source, images: PR Times