If you’ve started going bald, events like class reunions can be a major source of anxiety. But this reunion committee has some words of encouragement!

It can be hard for class reunion committees to get everyone to actually come to their events, partly because of people moving away and partly because of some people’s embarrassment at showing their now shiny, hairless heads. Smooth ‘n’ shiny may be a good look for Winston Churchill, Captain Picard or Master Roshi, but we have to admit that it’s still not something anyone looks forward to experiencing themselves.

Which is probably a big part of why this tweeted photo of a banner hung for a class reunion committee has been so popular online

The banner in the photo reads:

Chatan Middle School 43rd Class Reunion Committee
(Born between April 1975 and March 1976)
Don’t worry! He’s gone bald too!

And the text tweeted with the photo reads: “Tonikaku Akarui class reunion committee!”

This tweet is a pretty funny reminder that time waits for…well, no one. But what’s the meaning of “Tonikaku Akarui class reunion committee?” It’s actually pointing out the joke in the banner. As dedicated RocketNews24 readers will remember, comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura recently achieved a bit of international fame for his “magical poses to look like you’re naked” videos. In the videos, the comedian made liberal use of the catchphrase, “Anshin shitekudasai. Haiteimasu,” which means “Don’t worry. I’m wearing [underwear].” So, the committee basically took Yasumura’s catchphrase to make their joke, which might not be the most original, but it certainly is good for a sad, knowing chuckle.

So, next time you’re faced with the anxiety of going to a class reunion and you’ve got nothing but knots in your stomach, just remember, all your old friends are probably going through the same thing you are…and misery loves company!

Sources: Twitter/@a0chine, Hamusoku
Featured image: WikiMedia/British Government