The Phantom Limb Project: Gamer to get prosthetic limb inspired by Metal Gear Solid V

A collaboration between video game giant Konami and prostheses expert Sophie De Oliviera Barata aims to give an amputee gamer a new arm inspired by Metal Gear Solid.

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Prosthesis manufacturers: Ex-yakuza members’ best chance at a normal life

“Yakuza.” The word conjures up a host of images from noble anti-hero to vicious thugs to shrewd businessmen manipulating Japan’s financial institutions. While it may be hard to separate fact from fiction with these underworld gangs, one image–that of the sacrificed finger–is utterly real.

In fact, ex-yakuza members can have trouble fitting into normal society due to their missing digits. Fortunately for rehabilitated citizens, there are a few companies that can give them new fingers! Well, kind of…

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