Udon for Sleeping takes inspiration from one of Japan’s favorite noodle types.

Kyoto-based Golden Field knows a thing or two about sleep. The company manages the Goku no Kimochi massage parlor chain, which specializes in head massages that are so successful at helping customers drift off into sweet slumbering bliss that there’s currently a three-month waiting list for reservations.

For its latest project, Golden Field decided to rethink bedding, setting out to create a covering that would promote better sleeping than a standard blanket or down comforter. The design team ran into a wall, though, until a chance meal out gave them the insertion they needed.

While staring at a plate of udon noodles, the designers realized that this was the breakthrough they’d been searching for. Whereas a solid rectangular blanket locks you into one configuration and heat distribution, a grid of blanket “noodles” allows for instant customization.

The Udon for Sleeping blanket is meant to be paired with a mesh top covering. Bunching up the “noodles” gives you more warmth, while sticking your limbs between the strands can cool you down, as well as give you support for your arms, legs, or an emotionally comforting huggy-pillow to squeeze as you snooze.

The result, Golden Field says, is that Udon for Sleeping lets you warm your body, creating the optimal condition in which to fall asleep, but also to keep your core temperature cool enough so that you’ll sleep deeply until morning, instead of waking up sweaty and unrested half-way through the night in order to kick off excess covers.

The initial batch of pre-order models sold out almost immediately, but the official sales start date is coming up on August 2. Udon for Sleeping is priced at 16,800 yen (US$156), and can be ordered through Golden Field’s website here.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News/Kai-You, PR Times
Top image: Golden Field
Insert images: PR Times, Golden Field
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