New Choco Bits variety breaks all the rules when it comes to Japanese breakfast.

Japan is well-known for its traditional breakfasts, consisting of rice, miso soup and dishes like fish and pickles, but a lot of households these days opt for more western-style offerings like toast, cereal or coffee.

While the bread and cereal section at the supermarket remains small compared to western countries, there are still a lot of interesting products to be found there. One such product is the Hershey’s Choco Bits, a collaboration between cereal maker Kellogg’s and the American confectionery brand, which combines the sweetness of Hershey’s chocolate with the crunch of Kellog’s for a decadent breakfast experience.

Hershey’s Choco Bits first debuted in Japan in 2018 with the Milky Cream, followed by the Melty Chocolate in 2019 and Matcha White Chocolate a year later. Now, a “long awaited” new flavour, Strawberry White Chocolate, has arrived for 2021, with a melty strawberry-flavoured white chocolate cream filling nestled inside a crunchy pink casing, which gets its colour purely from vegetable and fruit extracts.

▼ The new cereal is said to deliver sweet and tart flavours of strawberries and cream in every mouthful.

While the Choco Bits range has been popularly enjoyed as a breakfast cereal, particularly with young students, Kellog’s says this new release makes a great addition to fruit salads, parfaits, and even toast. Not only does it provide you with a quick and easy way to add a strawberries-and-cream flavour to your favourite meals, it makes for an eye-popping photo ideal for sharing on social media accounts.

▼ You can eat any of the Choco Bits varieties like this, of course, but unlike its dark brown predecessors, this is the only one to have a bright pink hue.

And because no colourful cereal is complete without a cute character to help promote it, the “Chobits” are being introduced for the first time with this new release. The Chobits are designed to “turn on your sweet switch” so your worries melt away, and are distinguished by their crispy outsides and “melty limbs and tummies”.

Kellog’s says the Chobits will be appearing on their social media accounts and advertising campaigns starting with this new release. And it won’t be long until we see them, as the new Choco Bits are set to appear on store shelves around Japan at an open price point from early February.

Source, images: PR Times
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