landslide 1

In this age of viral videos, everyone is looking for the next big hit. People constantly have their smartphones out, desperately filming in hopes that something amazing is going to happen in front of them. However, as everyone records the incredible things that occur, we only have one piece of advice: please think a little bit about your own safety!

Those whipping out their smartphones and cameras were trying to get footage of a gigantic landslide that took place in Hanzhong City in Shaanxi Province. Around 10,000 cubic tons of earth, trees, and stones came crashing down the hillside very close to the crowd who had stopped their cars to watch and take video.

There are sounds we expect to hear when witnessing the earth’s fury, but cheering is certainly not one of them. Although, the awesome power of nature, with no known casualties and no destruction except to one road, is kind of exciting to watch. Some simple common sense probably needs to be applied here, though, because you don’t really need to be that close to tons of dirt falling. That’s what a camera’s zoom function is for.

landslide 3

Thankfully no one was hurt, but perhaps those bystanders will look at their videos later on and realize how close they came to being swept away. Maybe next time they’ll consider the option of less “ooo-ing” and “aww-ing” and more running away.

Source: Toychan
Screenshots: YouTube/CCTV News