Do you love fantasy RPGs and Hatsune Miku? If so, then you’re definitely going to love this new figure of the vocaloid designed by the popular artist mebae!


There are plenty of anime and manga characters out there as well as a ton of vocaloids, but despite the competition Hatsune Miku remains a fan favorite. Whether it’s her awesome hair or the fact that she always seems to be glowing brilliant neon colors, we suspect that fans will never stop loving the ageless character.

But of all the cool versions of Hatsune Miku we’ve seen, this one might very well be the coolest, with the kind of flair you’d expect from the baddest of Final Fantasy bosses!


The 1:7 scale figure was designed by popular illustrator mebae, who works as an illustrator, manga artist, animator, and sometimes even an anime director. If this figure is any indication, he clearly has an eye for awesome designs! Between the pose, the slightly insane tutu, and Miku’s trademark hair, this figure is just begging to be turned into one awesome cosplay outfit!


The figure is planned to be about 225 millimeters (about 8.8 inches) tall and will be made of ABS and plastic. Pre-orders are open from now until December 9 and the final version is expected to be released in June next year. That wait is almost as long as Miku’s hair!


Of course, a figure this awesome won’t come cheap, and at 18,333 yen (roughly US$150) plus tax, the price tag might be enough to make even the most hardcore Miku fan stop and think before reaching for their wallet. But not for very long!


So if you think it’s worth the price (and we really can’t blame you if you do), you can pre-order the figure either through one of Good Smile Company’s partner shops or their website. If you can’t decide which way to go, it looks like they’re offering a poster with mebae’s illustration to everyone who orders online.

Now, we just need Square Enix to make Miku a character in their next game, and it would be perfect! Especially if she were the final boss…who would dare attack her?!

Sources: ITMedia, Good Smile Company
Top image: Good Smile Company
Images: Good Smile Company