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This new batch of smartphone protectors features group shots of the Sailor Senshi drawn in a style that blends influences from both the Sailor Moon anime and manga.

It’s hard to say what the definitive piece of Sailor Moon artwork is. Starting with series creator Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga artwork, five different animation character designers have put their own artistic spins on the cast for its decades’ worth of anime adaptations. Throw in the fact that the franchise has as many beloved magical girls as there are planets in the solar system, and it can be hard to find a single illustration that encapsulates everything an individual fan loves about the series.

So it’s rather considerate of smartphone accessory maker Gourmandise to release a new line of Sailor Moon smartphone cases that can check multiple boxes of fan demographics.

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Gourmandise’s Sailor Moon Botanical Design Character Jacket combines an artwork sheet with a transparent case that fits iPhone 6 and 6s models. The two-piece constriction means that even should the case get scratched up, the Sailor Moon artwork underneath will remain unmarred.

▼ Super Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity models

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Aside from being heavy on the floral imagery, the illustrations are a unique blend of aspects of both the Sailor Moon manga and anime. While the clean, defined shape of the characters’ eyes and hairstyles are clearly taken from their animated versions, the pastel coloring and presence of some wispier lines also give them an air of Takeuchi’s manga designs.

Aside from bridging the gap between the manga and anime art, many of the cases feature multiple Sailor Senshi, which should be a relief for anyone who can’t quite decide who his or her favorite is.

▼ Five Sailor Senshi and Sailors Uranus and Neptune

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Not only is there a case for the dark horse ensemble of Sailors Chibi Moon, Saturn, and Pluto, there’s even one for the oft-forgotten Sailor Starlights from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, the final arc of the original Sailor Moon anime.

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Gourmandise is taking preorders for the 2,160-yen (US$18) cases here through its website. Shipping is scheduled for December, at which time the Sailor Moon Botanical Design Character Jackets will also be available in stores across Japan.

Source: Sailor Moon official website
Images: Gourmandise (edited by RocketNews24)