Celebratory shorts for anime/manga classic will be released in 26 countries.

It’s only been about a week since Uniqlo’s amazing lineup of Pokémon T-shirts went on sale, but Japan’s most popular casual fashion brand isn’t resting on it laurels. Up next is another collaboration with one of history’s biggest anime franchises: Sailor Moon.

The new T-shirt lineup is part of the celebration for the announcement that creator Naoko Takeuchi’s original Sailor Moon manga will soon be available for the first time in digital format. Naturally, Sailor Moon herself is featured prominently on each of the shirts, but there’s also space for the well-loved supporting cast, such as this romantic portrayal of Princess Serenity in the embrace of Prince Endymion during the golden age of the Moon Kingdom.

The entire Inner Sailor Senshi team shows up on this composite portrait tee…

…and in more stylized versions on the back of this navy shirt, which has the series’ Japanese-language logo across the front.

Several of the designs also feature a mix of English and Japanese text, in a nod to the passionate international fanbase Sailor Moon has built up in the decades since its debut.

Of course, the even nicer tip of the hat to overseas fans is that Uniqlo is planning to make the shirts available for purchase in 26 countries. While it hasn’t specified which territories will be getting the shirts, the U.S. seems like a given.

In Japan, each of the shirts will be priced at 1,500 yen (US$14), the standard price point for Uniqlo’s UT designer T-shirt range. The company is promising a release sometime in late August, which means you’ll be able to stock up on shirts to wear to the two brand-new Sailor Moon anime movies that are on their way to theaters next year.

Source: Sailor Moon official website via Fashion Press
Top image: Uniqlo
Insert images: Sailor Moon official website
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