All five Inner Senshi are represented in tie-up with magical girl franchise.

Even in a country that places an unparalleled importance on the visual presentation of food, the cakes and tarts of Japan’s Cafe Comme Ca stand out. Topped with columns and spirals of colorful fruit, they’d make excellent interior decorations, beautifying your home until you got a craving for something sweet and decided to eat them.

Cafe Comme Ca lists one of its missions as to “make Japanese foods artistic,” and apparently its aesthetics inspirations extend to anime artwork, as evidenced by a new line of gorgeous cakes based on the main characters of hit anime and manga franchise Sailor Moon: Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

Staring things off, naturally, is a cake saluting the star of the show herself: the Moon Mango Peach Pineapple Cake, with an array of crescent moon-shaped pineapple slices atop a custard cream base.

The Mercury Blue Blue Cheesecake is covered with blueberries, evocative of Sailor Mercury’s Shabon Spray bubble splash attack, and features a cream cheese base.

In what’s likely an unintentional nod to Sailor Moon’s international popularity, the raspberry cream cheese-base Mars Fire Strawberry Cherry Cake has American cherries along with its strawberries of unspecified national origin.

Sailor Jupiter makes yet another strong case for her being the best Sailor with the Jupiter Thunder Melon Kiwi’s green tea-infused unbaked cheese base.

And finally, the final Inner Senshi is represented by the Love Me Mango Orange Cake, which is just the sort of thing worldly Sailor Venus would enjoy with its mango fromage blanc base.

Each cake is sold as a set with a Senshi-themed non-alcoholic cocktail for 1,350 yen (US$12).

▼ Moon Pink Grapefruit, Mercury Blue Curacao Lemonade, Mars Cassis Passion Rosemary, Jupiter Green Apple Lime, and Venus Mango Lemonade

You also get a special art coaster, as is becoming a common feature of anime-themed dining.

While Cafe Comme Ca has a number of locations in Tokyo, these Sailor Moon cakes are only on the menu at its branch in the Shibuya neighborhood, between now and June 30. Considering, though, that Shibuya isn’ that far from Azabu Juban, the part of Tokyo where Sailor Moon is shown living in her ordinary schoolgirl persona, the exclusivity seems appropriate.

Cafe information
Cafe Comme Ca (Shibuya Seibu branch) / カフェコムサ渋谷西武店
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 21-1, Shibuya Seibu P Building 1st floor
東京都渋谷区宇田川町21-1 渋谷西武P館1F
Open 10 a.n.-9 p.m.

Source: PR Times
Top image: Cafe Comme Ca
Insert images: PR Times, Cafe Comme Ca
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