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As of last month, the line of Sailor Moon lingerie is back on sale again, helping fans of the series unleash their inner Sailor Senshi with some anime-themed innerwear. Now that you’ve got your intimate apparel needs filled, if you’re troubled by your smartphone being completely naked there’s a similar solution in the form of these Sailor Moon costume iPhone cases!

Manufacturer Gourmandise has begun taking preorders for its line of Sailor Moon Crystal costume jacket iPhone cases, which fit Apple’s 6 and 6s smartphones. Since the titular heroine upgrades her outfit several times over the course of the magical girl saga, two models are being offered, the Transformation Brooch version, which has an entirely gold-colored chest ornament, and the star-emblazed Crystal Star Compact variant.

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Made of a soft, easy to grip TPU/PET polyurethane blend, the cases are designed to slip snugly around the phone while still leaving openings for the device’s connector cable, earphone jack, and buttons.

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The two models are identically priced at 2,894 yen (US$24), and can be ordered here from Gourmandise. Delivery is scheduled for December, at which time the cases will also go on sale at retail stores across Japan, but considering how fast some Sailor Moon merchandise sells out, preordering may be the smart move if you’re determined to get your hands on these cool and creative cases.

Source: Sailor Moon official website
Top image: Sailor Moon official website
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