If you love Legos, these photos from the University of Tokyo’s Lego Club will make you want to go back to school and play with blocks!

This weekend was the Komaba Festival, a school festival for the University of Tokyo’s Komaba campus, and the university’s Lego Club was one of the many participants. When it comes to universities in Japan, the University of Tokyo is consistently among the top-ranked and just getting in is considered a significant accomplishment, so it’s no surprise that the university’s Lego club has produced some truly awesome results that have spread online like wildfire.

From a blocky bento box to a Lego Catbus, it’s not hard to see why the Lego Club’s creations are so popular!

▼ We hope you’re not hungry!

▼ We hope they make a life-size Lego Catbus next year!


▼ No, the sign isn’t pixelated — it’s made of Lego blocks!


▼ Lego QR codes? So simple and yet so awesome!


▼ There’s also some blocky grilled eel if you prefer a more Japanese taste!


▼ We love this shot! It makes us think Ghibli needs to make a Catbus version of Speed


▼ And here’s the Lego Town the Catbus is patrolling.

▼ Apple is popular even in Lego Town, apparently.


▼ It looks like have both monster and air defenses covered!



▼ They’re well protected against naval attacks as well…


Miss Monochrome even made an appearance!

After looking at all these photos, our only thought is: We should have spent less time drinking in university and more time playing with Lego blocks! Or at least played with more Lego blocks while drinking…

Source: Hamusoku
Top image: Twitter/@Mandarine_JK, Twitter/@passionhack, Twitter/@mahalo_0721, Twitter/@awazogel