Must resist… urge to… smash to pieces.

Aside from being one of the most painful things to step on, LEGO bricks allows one to replicate almost anything given enough time. One of Japan’s most prestigious university, the University of Tokyo, has a club dedicated to all things LEGO, churning out catbuses and bentos using the famous colored bricks.

Always at the forefront of creativity, it comes as no surprise then that one of its members managed to construct a detailed replica of his MacBook Air. Placed side by side with his real laptop, we swear it could almost pass as the genuine thing.

▼ Building a LEGO laptop just because he can.
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It’s not known how much time @877dance spent crafting the laptop, but we do know of his impeccable attention to detail, ensuring the webcam and USB port at the side were faithfully included as well.

Japanese Twitter users were quite impressed:

“For a moment there, I thought it was the real thing.”
“How much time did it take to make? I’ve never built anything like that before, and I’m sure I’d give up halfway through if I tried.”
“This looks too real. It looks just like mine!”
“This is fantastic! I mistook it for the real thing. Hats off to you!”
“That’s pretty amazing! How did you make the keyboard?”

While this version of MacBook Air may not be the real thing, we think @877dance did his LEGO club proud. Throw in some LEGO food and it’ll complete a bricky work desk look. Here’s to hoping he’ll take a video of himself hulk smashing it into hundreds of pieces, because that would be extremely satisfying to watch.

Source: Twitter/@877dance
Top image: Pakutaso