Tokyo University

“Infinite Destroyer”: The Japan-exclusive Subway sub available at only one unique branch in Tokyo

In a country where roast beef is rare, this is a gem of a find.

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Tokyo University students rank the top 12 video games for cultivating smart kids

These video games are educational as well as fun!

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World-first confirmation that masks can protect you from coronavirus【Video】

Japanese researchers use mannequin heads to prove that face coverings really do work against COVID-19.

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Tokyo University research team develops world’s first hybrid robot with real working muscles

A tiny cyborg model at the moment, this contraption marks the beginning of robots taking over humanity.

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Introducing Tokyo University’s exclusive “Infinite Destroyer” sandwich from Subway

Try this sub if you like, and we mean really like, roast beef!

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If you want your kids to go to elite universities, give them Legos, Japanese study says

According to a study done by Lego Japan, the majority of surveyed graduates from elite universities played with Legos when they were children.

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Pokémon GO now doctor-approved thanks to Tokyo University study

Results of first scientific study into Pokémon GO‘s health benefits reveal game lowers stress levels.

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Japanese travel provider under fire for guaranteeing flyers would sit next to a college girl

Backlash is swift for plan which offered in-flight companionship from one of five young, intelligent women.

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From Catbus to bento, you’ll love the University of Tokyo’s Lego Club creations!【Photos】

If you love Legos, these photos from the University of Tokyo’s Lego Club will make you want to go back to school and play with blocks!

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Cracked smartphone screens could be a thing of the past far sooner than we thought

Every year, tech giants like Apple, Samsung and HTC give us more features and better, often bigger, displays to look forward to in our smartphones. But so far they still haven’t managed to come up with a way to tackle perhaps the most common problem users have, which is dropping your phone and cracking the screen.

However one research team at Tokyo University is hoping to change that by creating glass that is nearly indestructible. If the team achieves its goal, the glass could be used in everything from buildings to consumer electronics as soon as 2020.

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Tokyo University’s amazing Rock-Paper-Scissors robot is back, will kick your ass faster than ever

A couple of years ago we reported on a robot hand that could always win at the timeless hand game rock-paper-scissors or janken as it’s known here in Japan. After wrapping up, we confirmed that it would never lose, declared that the human race was doomed to sit in the back seats of our robot overlords, then called it a day.

Now we are surprised to learn that Tokyo University’s Ishikawa Watanabe Lab is back with an even better performing rock-paper-scissors robot, somewhat awkwardly dubbed the Janken Robot with 100% Winning Rate.

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Tokyo University and NHK on the verge of touch-o-vision: Television you can truly feel a part of

On 23 May, NHK announced that it has been working with Tokyo University to create a way to not only transmit images over long distances but to also send the sense of touch. Using this, viewers would also become able to actually feel whatever appeared on screen with their own hands.

This system makes use of Tokyo University’s newly developed device which can measure the dimensions and hardness of an object in three dimensions simultaneously. On the other end, NHK has been hard at work on a Touch/Force Display which would allow viewers to get tactile feedback from the images presented on screen.

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Spider-Man takes classes at the University of Tokyo

Spider-Man can apparently do whatever a spider can and that includes attending a class at the prestigious University of Tokyo. As he quietly sits in the front row of a regional geography lecture, we can’t help but wonder why his Spidey sense brought him to a boring lecture hall when he could have been swinging from the skyscrapers of Tokyo or turning into a dumpling.

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Mankind Dealt Further Blow As Robot Which Never Loses at Rock-Paper-Scissors Is Developed

Rock-Paper-Scissors, the longstanding arbitrator of riding shotgun or eating the last slice of pizza has been celebrated for hundreds of years for its simple yet elegant balance of psychology and chance.

It’s such a part of the human experience that a robot could never out match the human mind in the RPS arena.  Until now that is, as Engineers from the University of Tokyo decided to stick their noses in and build a robot that never ever loses at Rock-Paper-Scissors – ever! So how does it do it?

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Since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following the terrible East Japan Earthquake in March last year, radiation has unfortunately been a topic of concern for everyone in Japan. It is therefore not surprising that a team of scientists at Tokyo University, where some of the top minds of Japan can be found, conducted a study on how radiation in seafood can be reduced. However, the results which have been reported in the media recently are not what you may expect from Japan’s premier academic institution.

According to reports, the team at Tokyo University, headed by Professor Shugo Watabe, concluded from their experiments that up to 95% of the radioactive cesium contained in fish can be removed by reducing the fish into very small pieces, close to paste form, and washing it repeatedly with water. Read More