Are most bras too large or just uncomfortable for you? You may want to check out Feast and the upcoming line of My Melody and Kuromi lingerie!

It’s no secret that Sanrio is open to collaborating with just about anyone. While Hello Kitty is famous for being incapable of turning down a job offer, she’s not the only one whose face pops up in surprising places. This time, the adorable bunny My Melody and her clumsy rival Kuromi will be the ones showing up where least expect them: On lingerie!

According to the above tweet from Gomi Hayakawa, Feast CEO and fashion designer, her company will be releasing a new line of lingerie in collaboration with Sanrio. The designs will feature the faces of the cute rabbits My Melody and Kuromi and will be available for preorder online on December 6. Hayakawa also hints at possible tails on the “butts” of the panties, which might just be the cutest thing we’ve heard of today!

Feast, which started operations last year, is a lingerie brand for women with “Cinderalla busts” (generally bust sizes between AAA and A cup) and was started by Hayakawa after entering university when she was only 19 years old. Her bras are designed to be comfortable and cute without adding wires or padding.

As for Hayakawa’s inspiration for the company, she has explained in interviews that she set out to do what large companies cannot. Since most big manufacturers are trying to minimize costs, they mass-produce, resulting in limited size selection, which means people can’t always find a comfortable fit. Since Feast is a small company, mass production isn’t really possible, so all Hayakawa can do is produce items that feel right. And considering the explosive success she’s had, it seems like she’s on the right track! Of course, specialty items don’t come cheap, but it seems that most of her customers are just happy to have bras that are comfortable to wear.

You can purchase Feast products from the company’s online store, which offers international shipping. Pricing information for the My Melody and Kuromi lingerie has not be released yet, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the store and official website if you want to order!

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Top image: Twitter/@hayakawagomi