The popular lingerie retailer is daring its customers to bare their bras to the world this summer.

Ever since the company behind the maid bikini range made it known that their frilly black-and-white bikini tops were perfect for wearing outdoors at summer festivals, the trend for exposing curves in triangular-shaped bra-style tops is one that’s on the verge of catching hold in Japan. Quick to ride the waves of the new fashion movement, lingerie maker Peach John gets straight to the point with a new collection of “Fesu-bura”, or “Fest-Bras”, designed specifically for outdoor wear at summer music events and festivals.

▼ The PJ COLOURS scalloped bralette uses one seamless piece of fabric for a sporty look and retails for 1,680 yen (US$16.19), plus tax.


The strappy tops have been created with comfort in mind, featuring designs that contain no underwire, like the PJ COLOURS skinny strapless bralette, for 1,680 yen, plus tax (below, left) and the PJ BODY STUDIO back string short top which retails for 2,680 yen plus tax.


The PJ BODY STUDIO Short Top (2,980 yen plus tax) features two different coloured straps in bright pink and blue colours, while the PJ COLOURS Cropped Tube Top (1,480 yen plus tax) keeps it simple in a choice of khaki, black, or white shades. Both use a quick-drying absorbent fabric designed to keep sweaty festival-goers cool in the summer heat.


And if those designs all seem a little too demure, there’s the “Smile-ist Bra” (3,480 yen plus tax), which comes in four colours and acts as a cross between a push-up bra and a swimsuit top, for the more adventurous festival-goer.


If you really want to turn some of the attention away from the band on stage and towards yourself, there’s the Lace Bodysuit (4,980 yen plus tax), which would look good with a pair of cut-off denim shorts.sub5

Last year, Peach John produced several designs in collaboration with “Ultra Japan”, a huge dance festival event held in Odaiba over three days in September. The lingerie company is gearing up for the event again this year, with the ULTRA JAPAN × PJ Lacy Bra Top (3,241 yen plus tax) and the  ULTRA JAPAN × PJ Three-Line Tube (2,778 yen plus tax).sub6

The range of bras, bodysuits and crop tops can all be purchased from the Peach John online store, and to find out more about the ULTRA JAPAN dance festival, you can head to the official 2016 website here. Whether or not anyone will actually be brave enough to wear the “Fest-Bra” designs without covering up is something we’ll have to wait to find out, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for them when the music festival season gets into full swing this summer!

Source, Images: PR Times
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