From Cleopatra to Helen of Troy and Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood, now you can walk around with your favourite female idols under your clothing.

Japanese online retailer Felissimo has been wowing us with adorable feline-related goods from its Nekobu cat department over the years, but they also do a wonderful job with imaginative apparel and lingerie. The company’s Flufeel brand brought out a line of cute cat-themed bra and panty sets last year and now they’re back with two new collections that celebrate famous women from history and fairy tales.

The first collection, called the “Three Beautiful Women of the World“, encapsulates the beauty and power of several well-known female figures.

▼ The Cleopatra set (4,320 yen/US$39.78) has been designed in honour of the last queen of ancient Egypt, and features a rich, deep blue hue with gold details.



▼ The bra sparkles with a specially designed rhinestone accessory to bring a sense of royal luxury to the undergarment.


The “Helen” number (4,320 yen) is designed to make you feel like Helen of Troy, the daughter of Zeus and Leda and the most beautiful woman in the world, at least according to Greek mythology. The set includes tulle and lace details and a light, willowy dress-like chiffon to represent the garment of the fair maiden.



The Yang Guifei set (4,320 yen) is a homage to one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, who was also the consort of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang. Their love affair was often mentioned in ancient Chinese and Japanese literature, and now you can channel her allure in this purple-hued number, complete with butterfly-wing straps and lacy fan-like details.


▼ And for extra comfort and a little bit of oomph, all the bras in the collection come with removable padding.


If you prefer to step away from the beauties of history and legend and into the land of fairytale, Felissimo’s “Welcome to the Secret World” collection has you covered.

▼ The Little Mermaid set (4,536 yen) takes its styling cues from the marine world, with frilly shorts reminiscent of a tail fin and a seashell-shaped bra designed to capture the spirit of the famous mermaid from the fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen.


▼ The light and pale blue colours represent the foam of the ocean waves from which she came.


▼ The Snow White set (4,536 yen) uses a navy blue material with lacy white frills and tiny red ribbons to recreate the famous character from the 18th century German fairytale.



▼ While the Little Red Riding Hood set uses the signature bold colour worn by the star of the story to conjure up all the mystery and intrigue from the European fairytale.


▼ The black, rope-like accents represent the ties on her cape which she uses to keep warm on her journey through the woods.


If you’d like to add a dash of female empowerment and fantasy to your undergarments, all these sets are currently available to purchase online from Felissimo.

Source, Images: Felissimo (1, 2, 3, 4)