Looking to buy the gift that doesn’t keep on giving? Souvenir shop in Guam offers stir-in stimulants at a bargain.

For someone who describes herself on Twitter as “someone doing nothing”, NicoNico live broadcaster Afu has managed to garner a pretty steady fan base on the Japanese video-sharing site.

Recently she took a trip to Guam, and tweeted a photo of some curious-looking items on display, seemingly aimed at Japanese consumers stocking up on souvenirs.

The sign reads:

 1 for $1.99
6 for $10.00

Stimulants for mixing in drinks
If you put it in something sweet, they’ll never know.

Could this be Guam’s gift-giving solution for that nosy neighbor or co-worker you don’t really like, but still feel obligated to bring back something for anyway? I guess we’ll never know.

On closer inspection, below the basket of stimulants is another sign advertising penis rings for $2.99, and they’ve even got penis pops for $3.99 for those looking to stock up early for next year’s Kanamara phallus festival. The suggestive snacks might be the better choice, too, since it’s probably to get a tiny army of dongs back into your home country than a few packs of narcotics.

Source: Twitter/@afuafuafu (1, 2)
Top image: Twitter/@afuafuafu