Piece of fruit with an apparent hard-on is apparently a hard sell at produce stall.

Japan is largely of the mind that food should not only be delicious to eat, but beautiful to look at as well. That’s why restaurants put so much effort into appetizing presentation of their dishes, but the ideal extends even to produce, as fruits and vegetables with unblemished skin and perfect shapes can command premium prices.

So the unsold peach that Japanese twitter user @silentxxforest came across in Ehime Prefecture was already going to be a tough sell, due to two patches of dark discoloration. The bigger deal-breaker for most shoppers, though, was likely its bulging growth, which looks quite a bit like an at-attention dong.


“Peach…penis,” tweated @silentxxforest along with the photo, which was taken at a produce stand near the Osakana-kan aquarium in the town of Matsunocho’s Nijo no Mori (“Rainbow Forest”) Park. Making this piece of produce even odder is that, like many peaches, the cleft an curvature of the sphere looks a bit like a derriere, making it a double-candidate for some tiny undies.

While Japanese farmers have shown amazing abilities in growing fruit with unorthodox shapes, the peach with a member isn’t a member of any purposely cultivated subspecies. It’s merely a single isolated example that somehow developed in a very unusual way, so don’t expect to see stands selling them at next year’s Kanamara penis festival.

Source: Togech, Twitter/@silentxxforest

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