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Old-school love-making manual helped couples go from touching fingertips to touching naughty parts, and also reminded guys about the importance of finding a lady’s “shadow nucleus.”

It’s not clear exactly when The Young Person’s Guide to Sex was written and published, but judging from the cover we can discern that it was several decades ago, during a time when Japanese society apparently had less-stringent armpit grooming standards than it does today.

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The book does eventually deliver on the promises implied by its suggestive title. But first, as shown in these photos originally posted by Dangerous Minds, the guide touches on the important topic of touching while you’ve still got your clothes on, in order to set the mood.

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The guide appears to introduce no fewer than seven techniques to use while holding hands.

▼ “Grasp your partner’s fingertips and raise them.”
“Grasp your partner’s fingertips, and pull them to your own chest.
“Grasp your partner’s fingertips, and gently stroke their top and bottom.”

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When you’re ready to step up to walking arm-in-arm, there’re examples for that, too.

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Of course, there are other ways to form a physical connection, too. The guide suggests stroking a woman’s eyelids (gently, we’re assuming), tracing the bridge of her nose, or tickling her chin to start producing some physical intimacy. Grooming can also be a turn-on, apparently, as the authors recommend a man clean fallen leaves or other debris out of a woman’s hair, and that she return the favor by brushing dirt off his shoes.

“Use a handkerchief to remove sweat from your partner’s face or grime from his fingertips. Through these actions, a woman can directly touch a man’s skin, or touch it indirectly through clothing or the cloth of the handkerchief, and the man will become more open, even to a woman he didn’t previously feel affectionate towards.”

▼ The way to a man’s heart is through…his wingtips?

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Still, this is all more sweet than sexy, even if this photo, captioned “In a coffee shop…,” is pretty suggestive.

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So what about when it’s time to get hot and steamy? One of the erogenous zones the book highlights is the belly button.

“Caressing the navel: Insert the index finger and move in a circular pattern.”

▼ This will either make you a monster in the bedroom, or just a tickle monster.

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And guys, we know you’re going to be excited once her top comes off, but don’t forget about the importance of synergy.

By simultaneously fondling both breasts using different motions, her stimulation will become more complex, and a greater effect will be achieved through synergy.”

Top right: “Stroke the nipple with the middle finger.”
Bottom right:”Stroke the nipple with the index finger.”
Top left: “Massage the nipple with the index and ring fingers.”
Bottom left:”The synergy of massaging and stroking.”

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And no, the following aren’t chemistry textbook photos that got published in The Young Person’s Guide to Sex by mistake.

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Editor’s note: Ladies, if your partner pulls down his pants to reveal a perfectly cylindrical penis made of transparent glass, cease all sexy times immediately. He’s actually a killer robot from beyond the stars who has murdered your boyfriend and is wearing his skin as a disguise. Call the police and/or shoot him with your ray gun.

For those with particularly pure minds, it might be a little difficult to understand what’s going on in this series of diagrams. At first glance, it sort of looks like the leotard-sporting woman is a pro wrestler who just beat the hell out of that mannequin, who is now begging for forgiveness.

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Actually, though, it’s a collage of various ways for a man to orally stimulate a woman, with the two demonstrators keeping a modest distance from one another to prevent The Young Person’s Guide to Sex from also becoming The Mannequin Fetishists’ Favorite Picture Book.

Of course, manual stimulation is also a pump-primer that guys can employ. However, since some of the lady parts aren’t clearly visible, once again the guide offers a diagram and some advice, reminding guys about the importance of stroking the chitsuzentei and inkakubu.

▼ In its excitement, the book’s caption says to use the index finger, while the demonstrator favors his middle digit.

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So what are the chitsuzentei and inkakubu? Well, chitsuzentei literally translates as “vagina front garden,” referring to the vulvar vestibule. And the inkakubu? Its component characters mean “shadow nucleus area,” which suggests that Japanese guys find the clitoris to be as mysterious and elusive as men do in other parts of the world.

Assuming you and your partner have made a smooth and escalating progression from holding hands to shadow nucleus manipulation, at this point it’s all done but the fun, and the book offers a couple of suggested positions for you physical coupling.

▼ Although the lack of contact sort of makes it look like this mannequin is getting ready to deliver a baby instead of make one.

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All in all, the guide seems to cover the subject in a relatively comprehensive, respectful way, and we imagine it was extremely helpful for shy, inexperienced, and yet consenting adults back in the day.

A special thanks to RocketNews24 reader Rich for letting us know about this sexy time capsule. Thanks, Rich, and if any RocketBabies come about as a result of the knowledge we’ve gained from it, we’ll be sure to invite you to their first birthday party.

Source: Dangerous Minds
Images: Dangerous Minds (edited by RocketNews24)