Japanese artist draws how to identify four types of gamers by how they sit at the arcade

Are you a serious forward-bender or more of a considerate head-cocker?

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How to draw an anime girl sitting down, depending on whether she has siblings or is an only child

Japanese Twitter artist produces handy reference guide covering characters with younger or older brothers or sisters.

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The key to loving Japanese TV as a foreigner

Don’t be influenced by the common myth that Japanese TV is awful – once you’re familiar with what’s going on, it becomes a whole lot more loveable.

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The original Japanese Pokémon Red strategy guide is kind of depressing

Breaking the bad news to kids that their favorite Pokémon are terrible, and they’re wasting their time playing.

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Old-school Japanese sex guide covers holding hands, doing the deed, and “the shadow nucleus”

Old-school love-making manual helped couples go from touching fingertips to touching naughty parts, and also reminded guys about the importance of finding a lady’s “shadow nucleus.”

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A diner’s guide to oden: Japan’s weird-looking, super-popular winter dish

When it comes to Japanese food, everyone and their grandmother knows the classics like sushi, noodles and tempura. But one food that always takes visitors to Japan by surprise, and which has just this month started showing up in convenience stores again, is oden. Rarely seen outside of Japan, many of the ingredients in this incredible savoury pick ‘n’ mix look almost alien to non-Japanese eyes, and so visitors are often wary of trying it for themselves.

With this in mind, today we’d like to introduce you to a handful of typicaloden ingredients, teaching you their names and telling you a little bit about each of them, so that the next time you pass a food cart or duck into a conbini and get a waft of that unmistakable aroma, you won’t be afraid to order some for yourself.

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Getting a haircut in Japan: A survival guide

Getting a haircut in another country – in a foreign language – can be a daunting experience. We’ve all heard stories about that one unfortunate soul who, just wanting a trim, indicated a few centimetres between thumb and forefinger, only for the hairdresser to think that was how much they wanted to remain on their head and start lopping off hair left, right and centre.

Japan being Japan, of course there are a few surprising and funny things they do at salons that are different from back home too! But with some simple words and phrases under your belt, you can visit a Japanese hair salon with confidence.  Join us after the jump for a guide to surviving – and hopefully enjoying – a haircut in Japan!

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Gift-giving guide: The double meaning behind everyday items

The act of gift giving is a special sort of science. Between all of the holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and special moments in between, we get a lot of practice with presents, and yet sometimes it’s still so hard to pick out the perfect gift for any certain someone. Still, we’ve all heard horror stories about well-intentioned presents having the complete opposite effect. Now, not to increase your anxiety over gift giving, but did you know that many everyday items carry rude connotations when given as gifts, at least in certain cultures?

You’d like to think that anyone would be happy to receive something useful as a present, but then remember how it feels when your friend offers you a piece of gum. Perhaps it’s their favorite flavor and they just really want to share, but nonetheless you’re left with a nagging worry about how badly your breath must stink. These misunderstandings can happen on a much larger scale when cultural differences come into play. So, to help you all out, here’s a little guide to gift-giving manners.

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Robot Guide Scheduled To Work Atop Tokyo Tower Needs a Name

With the recent opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree, it’s older little brother, Tokyo Tower has its work cut out for it to gather tourists.  In an effort to break out of the shadow of the tallest tower in the world, Tokyo Tower plans to add “Japan’s first autonomously moving robot with a signboard.”

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An Illustrated Guide to the Implications of not Washing Your Hands After Using the Restroom

Earlier this month, we shared the following graphic illustration on our Japanese site depicting the shocking truth about what happens when you don’t wash your hands after using the restroom:

The picture had quite an impact on our cleanliness-obsessed Japanese audience, who began to wonder: if, shaking hands with someone who didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom is virtually the same as shaking their junk, what are the implications for other things we touch with out hands on a day-to-day basis?

We here at RocketNews24 also value good hygiene and think the image above does a great job at visualizing why you should too. However, we realize that not all people are as passionate about hygiene as the Japanese, which is why we gathered our most artistically inclined staff members (so, the one guy who doesn’t draw stick figures) to compose this illustrated guide to the implications of not washing your hands after using the restroom.

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An Illustrated Guide to the 12 Creatures That Haunt the Crowded Trains of Tokyo

Tokyo. Japan’s capital and home to roughly 12,790,000 people, making it the world’s most populous metropolis.

Running through this great city is one of the world’s most extensive urban rail networks, composed of surface trains and subways that carry some 40 million passengers daily. Cheap, safe and efficient, trains are undoubtedly the most convenient form of transportation in this concrete labyrinth—if you know how and when to use them. 

Depending on what lines you take and when you take them, boarding a train in Tokyo can easily feel like voluntarily walking through the gates of hell.

This is especially true of the crowded cars of the morning and evening commuter rush and many people therefore try to avoid these trains when possible. This is not only because they are packed shoulder-to-shoulder with passengers, oh no. Even more unpleasant are the bizarre and unnatural creatures that lurk exclusively on these trains.

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