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Whether the near future or the distant past, Evangelion Units look pretty fearsome in whatever era they appear.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was a smash hit following its release in the 1990s and continues to influence anime today. There have been new movies, bullet trains and the perpetually rumored live-action Hollywood adaptation, but in every case, the setting has been in the near future. That makes sense. After all, we’re nowhere close to being able to produce gigantic bio-“machines” that protect us from equally enormous Angel foes.

Albert Urmanov, a fan artist, though, transported the series back to medieval times and reimagined an Evangelion as a European Knight.

▼ Move over the Mountain and the Hound, there’s a new knight in town.

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The moss-covered Unit-01 looks valorous with plated armor that is decorated with the holy symbol of the cross. Asuka stands on a walkway below, looking up at the knight in purple armor. We can’t help but wonder, though, if it’s the Evangelion or the pilot that she’s longing for.

Urmanov was able to perfectly capture the aesthetics of Evangelion but still make it feel like the entire series could easily have been set in a medieval world. We hope this isn’t the only time-shifted inspired piece Albert does, because we’d love to see the rest of the residents of Tokyo-3 inhabiting this setting as well.

Source: Culture Lab
Images: Art Station/Albert Urmanov