Spice up your work space with a model of Eva Unit-01 from the hit anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (wimpy teenage pilot not included)!

Kids and adults alike go bananas for Nanoblock, the “amazingly small micro-sized building block” Lego-alternative produced by Japanese toy company Kawada. A typical piece measures 8 x 8 x 5 millimeters (0.3 x 0.3 x 0.2 inches), with the smallest being a mere 4 x 4 x 5 millimeters, meaning that your finished labor of love can be proudly and easily displayed on the corner of your desk.

While some of you were puzzled as to the recent news of Evangelion production company Gainax branching out into the tomato business (as opposed to the watermelon business, as noted by some Kaji fans), we don’t think any of you will be disappointed with this latest decision to team up with Nanoblock to bring you a micro-sized version of Evangelion Unit-01, the Eva piloted by series protagonist Shinji Ikari.

The Nanoblock Evangelion Unit-01 is listed under Nanoblock’s Sights to See series, and is set to go on sale for 2,800 yen (US$26), tax excluded, sometime later this month. At 370 total pieces, it’s been given a difficulty rating of three (out of a maximum five), but it comes with detailed assembly instructions in case you get stuck.

Just check out the amazing detail put into this terrifying bio-machine mecha shrunk down to fun-size!


Most impressively, the assembled product can be sculpted into various poses to suit your mood using its movable arm and leg joints:


For those of you unfamiliar with Nanoblock, the company has released countless collaborative products to commemorate some of Japan’s biggest icons.

▼ Admire the timeless grace of Hyogo Prefecture’s Himeji Castle in Nanoblock form…


▼ …or the cuteness of internationally beloved Hello Kitty.



▼ Even Hatsune Miku has her own Nanoblock version.


▼ There are tons of Nanoblock Pokémon creations, but this Caterpie coupled with a Pokéball has to be one of the cutest.


We’ll certainly be excited if Nanoblock ends up releasing Eva Units-00 and 02 as well, but for now, why not try making some epic battle scenes involving Unit-01 versus Caterpie? Considering how the last Caterpie fight we watched turned out, we think we know who’d win.

Source, images: Kawada Co., Ltd.