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Fans of hit anime Evangelion are used to having their patience tested. Almost three years after the Japanese theatrical release of the Evangelion 3.0 feature film, the movie still isn’t available on home video in North America. Meanwhile, the fourth, and reputedly final, chapter of the Rebuild of Evangelion film series remains without a release date.

But if there’s one thing Japan demands punctuality from, it’s the country’s trains. So with the Evangelion Shinkansen scheduled to go into service next month, the anime-themed bullet train is practically complete and recently made its public and video debut.

Japanese rail enthusiast website Tetsudo Shimbun recently toured the Eva Shinkansen, and it looks like the designers have gone all-out in order to satisfy the notoriously detail-focused demographics of anime fans and train nuts. Starting with the exterior, Japan Railways has resisted the temptation to just slap a few stickers on the train or decorate its lead car. Nope, the Evangelion Shinkansen is decked out in the colors of Eva Unit-01 from tip to tip.

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Inside, Evangelion manufacturer Nerv makes its presence known with copious use of its half-leaf logo. Also, it seems the Shinkansen’s regular chime that precedes announcements of upcoming stations has been replaced with a relaxing version of “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” the TV anime’s opening theme song.

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▼ If the sun is in your eyes, simply deploy your A.T. Field to continue your journey in comfort.

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Finally, the highlight of the ride (at least for those lucky enough to be selected in the drawing) is some seat time in Unit-01’s cockpit.

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Don’t get too relaxed, though, because the stint includes an Angel attack, and the pilot will have to fend off the rampaging alien by using motion controls to rip open its protective A.T. Field with his own hands!

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The Evangelion Shinkansen goes into service on November 7.

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Top image: YouTube/Tetsudo Shimbun
Insert images: YouTube/Tetsudo Shimbun (1, 2, 3)