Can’t get enough of bishonen (beautiful boy) manga characters? Look out for the new book, Boy Meets…Graph, featuring work from famous illustrators.

Although you may be unfamiliar with the term bishonen, literally translated to “beautiful boy,” you’ve probably seen bishonen in manga, anime, or even some pop bands. The term refers to those young men that are so beautiful, sexy, and androgynous that they drive female fans into a frenzy.

Realizing the power of the genre, a group of famous manga artists banded together to make a special bishonen and ikemen (handsome man) book of images, featuring profiles and contributions from 79 different manga artists, illustrators, and character designers. There are also pictures drawn specifically for release in this book. All bishonen fans should probably be pretty giddy by now.

▼ Profile page of Ogawa Chise


Artists who contributed original work for this volume include:

Jiro Suzuki (character designer and artist for MAGiMAGi, Touken Ranbu)
Mitsuya Fuji (Touken Ranbu, character design)
Nao Tsukiji (Adekan, creator)
Nagarenai Tesshu (Ichijinsha gateau, creator)
Shishunki (Touken Ranbu, Gogotai, character design)

Other featured artists include:

Aomiya Kara, Akiharu no Pita, Asashima Yoshiyuki, Arii Memeco, Uda Jo, Enjin Yamimaru, Ogawa Chise, Kazari Tayu, Kamata Misato, Karasuba Ame, Kinako, Kirya Takashi, Kusama Yayoi, Kunimitsu, Kuroyuki, Kokokanata, Kosumi Fujiko, Sagami Waka, Sakamoto Akira, Saki Kaoru, Sazami Ichiya, ZAKK, Shikimi, Shimako, Janome, SHOOWA, Shiroma, Suzu Ken, Sekai Meguru, serori, and many more.

▼ The book has tons of beautiful drawings of beautiful boys.


Boy Meets… Graph (ボーイ ミーツ グラフ) will hit bookstore shelves (and online store shelves) just in time for Christmas on December 12. The book will be available for 2,400 yen (US$20), which is pretty reasonable, considering that it’s 192 full color, B5-sized pages!

▼ Profile page of Suzuki Jiro


▼ Profile page of Yamako


▼ Profile page of Uda Jo


▼ To make the book extra special, some artists drew special images for clear A4-size file folders, like the three below, available at select stores.




▼ With your file folder you can get a signed card!


If you want the limited edition file folders and cards, you’ll have to check out the following book stores:

Maruzen (Tsudanuma branch, Hakata branch)
Sanseido (Culture Station Chiba branch)
Junkudo (Ikebukuro branch)
Books Kinokuniya (Shinjuku branch, Shinjuku South branch)
Shosen Book Tower
Yurindo (Yodoashi Akihabara branch, Yokohama Station West entrance branch)
Tsutaya (Sangen-chaya branch)

Source: Nijimen
Images: PR Times via Nijimen