This seven-year-old has everyone in Taiwan talking about her sassy/cute dance numbers.

Nobody knows who was the first to notice her, but Kyo Kyo Rai, a seven-year old girl from Taichung City, Taiwan, has been attracting an unbelievable amount of attention with her adorable good looks and natural talent for dancing. Still in the lower grades of elementary school, she performs K-pop dances and takes requests from the audience at night markets. Onlookers have been totally blown away by her innocent-yet-suggestive dancing, and in short order soon this video of her performing with drummer Han Guou Ren has gone viral.

▼ What’s all the fuss about? Take a look!

Ignoring the fact that most young elementary school kids don’t spend their weeknights dancing for strangers, you have to admit this kiddo has some pretty solid moves.

Unfortunately, if you thought the male attention rising 13-year-old Taiwanese twin stars Sandy and Mandy received earlier this year was borderline creepy, you’ll probably find some of the comments men have made about Kyo Kyo to be just as uncomfortable.

“She’s just too cute~!”
“If I had a little sister, I’d want one just like her.”
“She’s cute and she’s got great moves! Not fair!”
“I’ll be interesting to see her 10 years from now.”
“I don’t mind waiting 10 or 20 more years! Marry me!!”

But for Kyo Kyo, singing and dancing is just a fun hobby. She teaches herself all the dances she performs by imitating music videos of the artists she sees on TV. Surely it’s about as harmless as those of us who grew up dancing to the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, or Katy Perry, although I’ll be the first to admit I never even had a quarter of the talent Kyo Kyo has.

As a result of her widespread Internet fame she’s not only been featured on the news, but she has her own Facebook page, and just appeared on a Taiwanese TV show.

▼ On TV

I have a feeling that somewhere down the line, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Source: Facebook/Rai Kyo Kyo Angel (1, 2, 3),
Top image: Facebook/Rai Kyo Kyo Angel
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