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Luxury designer brand Moschino has come out with a line of Super Mario apparel and accessories, but the prices may make you think twice!

Yes, the high-end Italian fashion house brings you “Super Moschino“, a new Super Mario-themed line for their 2016 Spring/Summer collection, and if you’ve ever wondered what characters from an iconic game franchise would look like in the hands of some top international designers, then here’s you’re chance to find out!

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But wait, did we read those prices correctly?

▼ You sure did! This Super Mario t-shirt costs a cool US$225.

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▼ And this colorful sweater is priced at $685!

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▼ How about this King Koopa sweatshirt for a mere $650?

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▼ They have items you can accessorize with as well, like this $925 backpack … Mos 6

▼ … or this $1,050 leather bag!
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Okay, so it looks like the designers at Moschino really stayed true to the idea of a Super Mario-themed line, there’s no mistaking that. Unfortunately, while some people did think the designs were cute, there were also a good number of online comments from people who felt the items didn’t exactly have a sophisticated look. And to be honest, we can sort of understand how people may be reluctant to wear a piece of clothing with a huge image of a video game character printed on it.

And of course, there were plenty of comments about the price as well, with some internet users posting that they actually thought the price information was a typo at first. Well, to be fair, these prices are what you can expect from an international designer brand, but that still leaves us wondering whether fans of high fashion really would be interested in video game characters (or vice versa, for that matter). To us, it just seems a bit difficult to imagine what kind of customers this line is supposed to appeal to.

So, all of you Super Mario fans out there, would you pay $700 for a Super Mario sweater?

Source: Moschino online shop via Hachima Kiko
Photos: Moschino onliine shop