Uniqlo’s UT t-shirt brand never disappoints!

Uniqlo is well-known for being an affordable Japanese fashion brand, and of course no one can beat their Heattech winter clothing. Though some people sneer at it for being “cheap”, this reasonable fashion supplier has a reputation for banging out some really great designs. Their graphic T-shirt brand UT (which stands for, you guessed it, Uniqlo T-shirts), for example, is especially cool for its trendy and stylish geeky T-shirts, like the soon-to-be-available Street Fighter line.

In fact, besides the upcoming Street Fighter shirts, two other video game-inspired UT collections are hitting the market this month: the Super Mario Family Museum collection, and the Splatoon collection. Nintendo fans will not want to miss these new shirts, which feature stylish designs from the Super Mario and Splatoon games, and which are super affordable at just 990 yen (US$8.90) each.

The Super Mario Family Museum collection, which went on sale on April 1, comes with men’s, women’s, and children’s T-shirts, is full of nostalgic imagery! Who wouldn’t want this T-shirt featuring the 8-bit Mario from the original Mario Bros. game?

▼ The back is empty, but the side shows Mario walking off, which is a pretty unique design.

They also have other designs that are more subtle, like this Super Famicom rainbow-striped T-shirt with a tiny Yoshi’s egg on the chest.

A fan of pocket T-shirts? They’ve got those, too, featuring various Super Mario characters, like Chain Comp and Bullet Bill.

The women’s collection has unique designs on slightly more fitted tees, but otherwise they’re fairly unisex and similar in style to the men’s collection, with the addition of some Princess Peach T-shirts.

The unisex kids’ collection is pretty cool, too, featuring brighter colors and more cartoonish designs that are still in line with the other Super Mario T-shirts (kids’ T-shirts retail for 790 yen each).

The Super Mario Museum collection is currently available in Uniqlo stores nationwide and on the Uniqlo online shop, both in Japan and overseas. It’s worth noting, however, that the U.S.-based online shop sells the T-shirts at a higher price ($14.90 for adult sizes and $9.90 for kid sizes), so you’ll save a little bit of money if you can shop in Japan.

There are benefits to shopping in-store, too; if you pick up a T-shirt at a physical Uniqlo location in Japan, you’ll also get a cool Super Mario Shopping bag to go along with it. Plus, if you happen to be in the Kansai region, we suggest you pop into the Uniqlo store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, because, to celebrate the release of the new collection, the whole building is being lit up every night with 8-bit Super Mario designs. There will be different characters and motifs on display until the middle of April, so make sure you go check them out before they’re gone!

For fans of Splatoon, UT’s new collection will undoubtedly be a big hit. You’ll be able to buy Uniqlo graphic tees featuring Judd and Lil’ Judd, the cat judges, for the first time ever!

In keeping with the game’s colorful nature, other Splatoon shirts are decorated with bright colors, like this shirt that looks as if ink has been splattered across the fabric.

There are also kids’ shirts in the Splatoon collection, and to be honest, some of them look way cooler than the adult styles. Check out this one, where two Inklings are zooming across the shirt, leaving blue and red ink streaks behind!

The Splatoon shirts will go on sale starting on April 22, and will be available both online and in store, in Japan. They’ll be on sale overseas as well, for the same price as the Mario T-shirts, but not until May. So if you find yourself in need of some Splatoon gear, make sure to get your wallet ready!

Source, Images: Nintendo, Uniqlo, Uniqlo