This Romain Jerome watch with a classic pixelated Mario face is available for a limited time for Mario super fans with a lot of cash to blow.

So you think you love Mario? Do you love the venerated platforming series enough to drop around US$27,000 for a handmade watch featuring the titular hero in all his 8-bit glory?

Probably the answer is no, but that hasn’t stopped acclaimed watchmaker Romain Jerome from sculpting a limited run of Super Mario Bros. watches that will be on sale until the end of August at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in Tokyo.

Only 85 of the watches are being produced, which means even if every consumer at the extremely niche crossroads of expensive watch enthusiast and very rich Mario super fan were to buy one, there still might be a handful leftover. The watch face features a classic 8-bit Mario jumping towards a mushroom against a mostly black background. The 19th annual Mitsukoshi World Watch Fair official website is otherwise sparse on details alluding to why this particular piece is demanding such an enormous price tag.


Jerome has also designed Pac Man and Tetris-themed watches that sell for massive sums of money. Being bona fide geeks ourselves, we appreciate the master watchmaker’s nods to some of our favorite old-school games, but we can barely justify the cost of a new AAA game, let alone the $27,000 tag on this admittedly drool-inducing timepiece.

Source:Mitsukoshi via Kotaku
Feature Image: Mitsukoshi
Insert Image: Romain Jerome