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What could be scarier than looking in a mirror and seeing a demon staring back at you? How about being too engrossed in your smartphone to even notice…

“You’ll get square eyes, you know,” my mother used to tell me whenever she found me glued to our enormous 1980s TV set instead of playing outside on a sunny day. My eyes never did change shape, but the tiny screens I give so much attention to today put me in a very real kind of danger as I walk down the street tweeting about video games, cats, and my contempt for Donald Trump (in that order) instead of looking where I’m going.

Japanese YouTubers and horror fans Prank Pirates recently shared a video of a prank they pulled on fellow videographers who attended an event at YouTube Space Tokyo, wherein they sat them in front of a two-way mirror under the pretence of giving them a horror movie makeover, only to suddenly kill the lights and have their victims come face to face with a sickle-wielding Japanese demon.

It’s a fun video in its own right, but the reaction—or rather lack thereof—they got from one victim in particular speaks reams about us as a society.

▼ Um? Hello? I’m here to murder you…

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 13.28.39

▼ …Hello?

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Demons walk among us every day, boys and girls. We’re just too busy texting to notice.

Oh, hey, another post about cats!

Source/screenshots: YouTube/PRANK PIRATES