The merciless snow has hit Japan and we suppose the mood would be gloomy. However, one Twitter user found his house in a rather frightening state when someone decided to take vengeance on the snowy weather with this artful sculpture of snow that can be interpreted as either a horror movie or an installation art that is awfully hard to understand. Either way, this is probably one of the most creative uses of snow we’ve see this season.

Despite its eerie appearance, our guess is that the ‘art work’ was done simply by slapping masks full of snow onto the wall. Whoever thought up this elaborate prank must have had a taste for those grotesque horror films, perhaps of the Thai variety.

[tweet https://twitter.com/inoino_hirohiro/status/544499688284499968 align=center]

▲ “Even if it’s snowing, please don’t do this anymore.”

Amused netizens chimed in:

“You’ve been cursed.”

“I’d try to get rid of it with my umbrella ASAP.”

“Is this a horror movie?”

“Who used my face for this prank?”

I don’t know about you, but if I were to pull a prank like this, I’d probably have chosen something cuter to put on it. A wall of Hello Kitty heads would make the world a much better place, wouldn’t it?

Source: Twitter h/t Hamusoku