It must be really frustrating when you almost pee yourself while trying to get clean.

In many Japanese homes, the shower area and bathtub are located in their own dedicated room, with a door instead of a shower curtain separating them from the rest of the house. Sometimes they even have a mirror set into the wall, which comes in handy when you’re washing your face or shaving.

But while having a mirror in the bath/shower room can be convenient, it can also have an unexpected drawback. Japanese Twitter user @mxeiliexm, who says she’s a fan of American cartoons, children’s anime, and cute things in general, was recently enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub when her mom decided to pop her head in to ask if the bath she’d drawn for her daughter was hot enough. However, this warm-hearted gesture of parental attention ended up being absolutely bone-chilling.

“My mom asked poked her head in to ask ‘How’s the water?’, but her reflection in the mirror was so scary I almost peed in the bath,” tweeted @mxeiliexm. Still, some of her followers thought there was even more terror to be wrung out of the situation, and so set to work making horror movie posters out of the photo.

▼ “How’s the water?” — Mother – The Mother in the Bath Room

▼ “…How’s the water?” – The Mother in the Mirror

The more we look at the photo, the more impressed we are that @mxeiliexm managed to keep control of her bladder, and also a grip on her smartphone with which to snap the picture, which proves that J-horror classic Ju-On’s mom isn’t the only spectral maternal figure you might find around the house.

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Source: Jin, Twitter/@mxeiliexm