If you are already a human slave to your feline companion, we’re sure you can relate. If you’re thinking of getting a cat, take heed!

Twitter user @otape0711 often comes across tweets from people saying how much that want to own a cat. Of course, with those precious little faces, bodies full of fluff, and adorable little bean toes, who could resist?

But there are things that those who have yet to share their abode with a kitty companion do not know, and otape0711 decided to use her artistic ability and give them all a fair warning of what lies ahead should they choose the path of cat parenthood:

The illustrations are pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you’d like an English version:


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Maybe us cat people are really just a bunch of masochists, but their cute, fluffy snuggliness makes it all worth it!

Source and top image: Twitter/ @otape0711

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