Sweet intentions lead to a gruesome-looking end.

Just about everyone has experienced at least one cooking disaster, right? No matter how careful you are, eventually you’re going to make one of those unforeseen screw-ups that leave your kitchen looking like a tornado or typhoon hit it.

But how many times has your kitchen looked like a violent, crazed murderer just came through?

Japanese Twitter user @325mako_ was recently doing some home baking, and when she walked into the kitchen to check on the progress of her project, it looked like this. “My oven couldn’t handle the heavy workload, and now it’s puking up blood,” she tweeted along with the gruesome photo.

At first glance, it’s hard to see this as anything other than either the oven bleeding or blood dripping from whatever murder victim has been stuffed inside. As horrifying as it looks, though, odds are it tastes great, and not only to those with vampiric palates, because that’s actually chocolate!

@325mako_ was trying to whip up a batch of red-colored chocolate, but accidentally added too much cocoa butter to the mixture. So instead of the ingredients combining as she’d hoped, they ended up leaking out of first their container, and then out of the oven entirely dripping down her cupboard, onto the floor, and even partially seeping into the in-floor storage compartment.


The inadvertent chocolate soup probably smelled amazing, but with only visuals to go by, online reaction included:

“It’s like a horror movie…”
“Did you microwave somebody’s head, like in the Yakuza video games?”
“You can practically hear the Detective Conan theme song start to play.”
“We’d like to have a few words with you down at the police station.”

Even Sharp, the makers of @325mako_’s model of oven, sent a response from their official company account.

▼ “Thank you for using our products, but please turn yourself in.”

Thankfully, not all of @325mako_’s culinary ambitions turn out like this. She’s actually a wedding venue patissier by trade, and she shares plenty of pictures of non-terrifying foodstuffs as well.

Oh, and one helpful Twitter user suggested that using a mixture of heated dish soap and vegetable oil would help make the clean-up easier. That’s good to know in case you ever find yourself in a similar position, because that’s definitely a mess you’d want to take care of before company comes over, unless you’ve got someone you want to scare into never visiting you again.

Source: Twitter/@325mako_ via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@325mako_
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