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Panties, kimono, and loincloths converge in these femininely fashionable undergarments.

We’ve had our minds on samurai-style threads recently, with the release of haori half coats and hakama chino pants. But while those were both modern takes on traditional Japanese garments for men, today we’re looking at a new bit of Japanese-inspired fashion for women with kimono panties.

Technically, each of these undergarments is listed as a funty, which also happens to be the name of their manufacturer. A combination of “fundoshi” (Japanese for loincloth) and “panty,” Funty’s funties tie up on the right hip, for a relaxing fit that breathes well.

The company’s newest line, Venus-Kimono, is made with pure silk for even more luxurious comfort, and consists of three patterns. Plum features red plum blossoms on a plain white field, bringing to mind the snowy conditions that sometimes remain when the flowers bloom each February in Japan.

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The Red model is the most understated of the Venus-Kimono offerings, with a simple vermillion sharkskin-like pattern.

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Finally, Flower’s delicate pattern has a variety of flora adorning the funty.

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All three designs are priced at 7,800 yen (US$65) and can be ordered here through the Funty online store.

Source: Value Press
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