Shampoos, bowling pins, erasers and more.

The instant ramen maker Nissin has attracted attention lately with this unusual picture of these three shampoo bottles bearing the labels of its cup noodles. It’s just artwork for fun, but it’s attracted about 15,000 retweets since it was posted on Twitter on December 7.


Nissin has posted other pop art-style photos related to instant noodles on its Twitter feed as well this year.


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This is a visual pun on the word “cap”.




Nissin advertises its Singaporean laksa-style noodles with this kettle based on the Merlion, the emblem of Singapore.


This eraser rubs out the characters for “empty stomach.” (It is also a real product.)


The kappa, a mythical Japanese water creature, is apparently also a fan.

Nissin has previously reworked its noodles into ice cream and promoted mad soccer skills.

[Via Kai-You; Image from Twitter]

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