High school girls in Japan create and sell “butt-shaped soap,” praised as “way too high quality”

Design based on “naked festival” fundoshi butts.

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Mr. Sato finds a way to dress up for video conferences while staying super casual and comfy【Pics】

What his coworkers (thankfully) can’t see won’t hurt them, right?

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Anime lingerie takes a walk on the wild side with GeGeGe no Kitaro fundoshi from Japan

This possessed cotton spirit will scare everyone away from your private parts.

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A sneak peek at the hottest thing to come out of Japan this winter!

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Loincloths make a comeback with the popularity of fundoshi dance videos and the oppressive heat of Japanese summer rearing its ugly head.

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Kimono panties are here to add a little Japanese tradition to your lingerie rotation

Panties, kimono, and loincloths converge in these femininely fashionable undergarments.

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Fundoshi, or type of traditional Japanese underwear, are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. We asked a specialist why they’re so great!

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Traditional Japanese fundoshi loincloths are both functional and fashionable, providing modesty for the modern man while still allowing a healthy influx of air around one’s nether regions. In fact, fundoshi are currently enjoying a revival of popularity in Japan, perhaps as a result of some men rebelling against constricting tighty whities and boring boxer shorts.

Our Japanese writers love them, and now some of the players from J-League division 2 football team V-Varen Nagasaki have lent their talents to advertise a range of crotch drapery designed to make fundoshi fun for football fans.

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Loincloths for ladies – Once you try fundoshi, you’ll never go back, say young Japanese fans

Walk into any lingerie store in Japan, and you’ll find an array of cute and sexy panties, G-strings, and thongs. Recently, though, there’s a more traditional undergarment option that’s winning over the hearts and hips of an increasing number of Japanese women: the loincloth, which has gotten a modern makeover that gives up nothing in the femininity department.

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Boy, have we ever got a treat coming up for all of you loyal Rocketeers!

To help ring in the new year, our staff is busy putting the finishing touches on a 2015 calendar featuring the classy men of our sister site, the Japanese language edition of RocketNews24. Not wanting to be outdone by all the other “eye candy calendars” out there, our team of Japanese writers have truly gone all out to show their appreciation for all the love and support they’ve received from our readers over the past year.

Get ready to feast your eyes on a sneak preview of what’s about to become the sexiest 2015 calendar ever to grace the internet!

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These wacky traditional dancers know how to put the fun in fundoshi! 【Video】

Here at RocketNews24 there’s nothing we like more on a man (or indeed a woman) than a dashing fundoshi. While we believe the traditional Japanese underwear that’s part-apron, part-loincloth is suitable for any occasion, we’re prepared to accept that they’re mainly seen at matsuri (festivals) these days.

So when we found this wondrous video of a group of men doing a special festival bird-catching dance in fundoshi, we knew we were in for a treat. Join us after the jump for some very genki dancing men having a lot of body-slappin’ good fun!

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Fundoshi Panties bring back traditional Japanese underwear style, promise a good night’s sleep

RocketNews24 has long stood behind the traditional Japanese loincloth known as a fundoshi. Every year when Fundoshi Day (14 February) rolls around we’re always sure to endorse fundoshi for all of their physical and spiritual benefits.

And now we have reason #165 on why fundoshi are awesome. They can help to prevent sleeping problems for women. At least, that’s the claim made by the makers of Fundoshi Panties now on sale in a mook by Makino Shuppan.

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On this day last year, we announced that 14 February was from then to be known as Fundoshi Day. With that grand statement made we waited a whole year for all you readers to go out and by some fundoshi, old-fashioned loincloths to help us again put the “fun” in Fundoshi Day (fun-do-shi = 2-10-4 in Japanese) this year.

And let me guess, you aren’t wearing your fundoshi, are you? Sigh… Alright, we’re patient people, so let us explain again why the fundoshi is the superior choice in underwear.

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Hello Kitty shows off her backside in tribute to the fundoshi-clad men of Fukuoka

A fundoshi is a traditional Japanese undergarment that is basically a thong for dudes. Made of a single, long piece of cloth, the fundoshi was the go-to underwear for Japanese men until the middle of the 20th century. That’s right, no boxers, no briefs, just white cotton man thongs. Thankfully, few modern men are running around Japan with a fundoshi shoved up their butt, but they are still used in many festivals to this day.

As a tribute to one of these festivals, the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Matsuri in Fukuoka, Hello Kitty can now be seen in a white fundoshi.

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Hyper Cool Biz 2013 Line Announced: Fundoshi and Parasols Hot This Year for the Trendy Businessman

With the few days of comfortable weather known as spring in Japan slipping away it’s time to brace ourselves for the muggy scorching heat of summer. This of course means it’s Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz time again!

While 2012 was the year of the electric-lime mankini, this year’s fashions are going retro with a boldly traditional Japanese loincloth, the fundoshi, balanced by an elegant yet sporty parasol.

So join us, as we examine this year’s choice in summer formal attire along with our model, the devilishly handsome Mr. Sato.

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Posters of Underwear-Clad Man Disappearing from Osaka

There’s just something about Japan and this strange obsession with stealing underwear. In the Naniwa District of Osaka, 20 types of posters are currently on display to promote a town renewal project for the area’s old shopping district, Shin Sekai Ichiba, or the “New Global Market.” Of those advertisements, one particular version has become the object of serial theft over the past 13 days. The poster contains the image of a man in a Japanese loincloth called a fundoshi. The Osaka Police Force’s Naniwa Station has released a damage report. Read More