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Samurai style advances below the belt.

When they weren’t suited up in lamellar and getting ready to go to war, samurai were some pretty stylish guys. We recently took a look at a line of jackets that updates the haori coats of Japan’s swordsmen, and now it’s time for hakama, the pants worn by samurai, to get a modern-day reimagining.

Japanese apparel company Kokichi has just revealed its new chinobakama, menswear that’s half chino pants, half hakama.

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Less billowy than the hakama commonly worn in Japan’s past, the chinobakama, which Kokichi is also billing as “ninja pants,” can blend easily with current fashions, while still lending you an air of feudal-era stylishness.

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The pants are available in navy, charcoal, or beige. In lieu of a belt, each comes with an identically colored waist cord which you tie around yourself.

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Made from a durable, machine-washable 50-50 cotton/polyester blend, the chinobakama’s other modern amenities include pockets on both sides and a front zipper.

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All three colors are priced at 7,800 yen (US$65) and can be ordered here directly from Kokichi, which says it plans to start offering international shipping in the near future.

Source: Japaaan, Kokichi
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