“Now let’s scan his luggage… wait, why’s there a baby in there?!”

Legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima has been hard at work developing Death Stranding, his first title since leaving Konami featuring an open world with action-packed gameplay.

In the few Death Stranding trailers released so far, the main protagonist’s fate is somehow inextricably tied to a baby contained within a pod. While its significance still eludes us, the collector’s edition of the game comes with a life-size replica of the baby pod, which Kojima recently brought to the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con to show fans what they will be getting.

▼ The problem was that the item
did not fly so well with U.S. customs officers.

Imagine officers performing an x-ray scan on Kojima’s luggage at the airport, only to discover an outline of a life-size baby suddenly turning up on the screen. Good thing all he had to do was explain it as a collector’s edition item for his latest video game, but no doubt Kojima must have received suspicious frowns and quizzical looks.

The news spread quickly on the Japanese Internet and netizens erupted in laughter:

“What did he expect? Of course they would question him.”
“What turned up on the scan must have been horrifying.”
“That’s one way to promote his game.”
“They must be wondering just what kind of video game he was making.”
“Can’t blame them. Kojima does look like a shady person.”

We are glad the famed video game designer managed to make it to Comic-Con without any further hiccups, though Kojima might have ended up calling up his own company to allay custom officers’ concerns. So if you do happen to order the collector’s edition of Death Stranding, remember not to bring that baby pod on board any flights!

Source: Twitter/@kalai_chik via My Game News Flash, Yurukuyaru, Engadget
Featured image: Twitter/@kalai_chik

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