Do not try this at home.

With the new coronavirus making its rounds well around the globe, a lot of people are on guard and only setting foot outside for the occasional panic buy. Hospitals especially are risky trips and this poses a big problem for parents of young children who often require visits and are too small to wear masks themselves.

However, one inventive user of Douyin (TikTok in China) drew inspiration from the hit Hideo Kojima game Death Stranding as a way to navigate the coronavirus-ravaged outside world. It was mainly introduced to Japan by Twitter user @harakoatom.

▼ “Chinese people’s ingenuity is great for taking children from the hospital while protecting them from the coronavirus.”

The tweet makes this contraption a bit more serious than it probably is, and the man in the image, going by the handle White Shadow R&D, also captioned “I’m going to take my child to the hospital today, so I invented this,” but still this appears to be little more than a cute TikTok video.

First of all, it’s just a knapsack arranged as an homage to Death Stranding‘s Bridge Baby system in which characters can connect with premature babies in order to detect supernatural enemies.

Secondly, the guy’s wearing a hazmat suit made by Resident Evil‘s Umbrella Inc., which is fictitious and probably not ISO16602 certified.

But to his credit a lot of thought went into the gear. The full Douyin video shows that there’s a hole with a glove attached on the top where he can put his hand in to comfort the baby or adjust its blankets and position. And the tube in the front is connected to an air filter. There also looks to be some sort of raspberry pi display screen with air quality data on the front.

In fact, it’s so believable-looking that some in Japan were misled into thinking it was a real coronavirus-prevention suit.

“Wow, Kojima predicted the future!”
“Crisis leads to creativity.”
“I hope that’s not a real baby in there.”
“This is just cosplay. Calm down people.”
“That totally looks like something out of Death Stranding.”
“Just take a car, man.”
“I didn’t know they could play Death Stranding and Resident Evil in China.”

Since some people still seem unclear about this out there, it ought to be repeated: DO NOT CARRY YOUR CHILDREN AROUND IN BACKPACKS, UNLESS THEY’RE OVER 21.

That being said, as a father myself, the core concept behind this BB-inspired baby carrier is very tempting. If a proper baby goods manufacturer can craft one with all the necessary features to ensure safety, I’d consider getting one for trips on the train. And since people are out there spending crazy money on TP and rocks, such a company might do well with one these days.

Source: Douyin, Twitter/@harakoatom, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@harakoatom
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