Why is this young man riding the horse bicycle around Bangkok? We have no idea, but we can’t stop watching this video!

YouTube is full of the wonderful, the bizarre, and, quite often, the wonderfully bizarre. Today, we have something that definitely fits in the last category: a Thai man riding around Bangkok on a bicycle that’s been modified to look like a white horse.

▼ Magical!

The video, which appeared at the end of December, is nearly five minutes of Karnchanit Posawat, a Thai man who studied film and video at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, riding the bicycle. It’s not clear who actually made the horse-bike, but we assume it was built specifically for the video.

The video is surprisingly simple—it’s literally just footage of Karnchanit riding on the street and then riding in a circle in the center of Bangkok—but we have to say that it looks pretty good, aside from some pretty bad shaking in the first half.

The reactions of people on the street pretty well sum up our confusion and bemusement upon seeing the video, but at the same time we have to admit that it’s almost hypnotic! And since the other videos Karnchanit have uploaded include some performance art recordings and a video about Buddhism, we kind of suspect there might be some deeper meaning intended by the video.

Then again, it could just be a silly video about a man riding his horse bicycle around Bangkok…

Sources: ToyChan, YouTube/Karnchanit Posawat, Twitter/@XavierKotaro
Featured image: YouTube/Karnchanit Posawat