Ladies, prepare to be romanced by a hot guy with a horse’s body in this bizarre new dating app

Ever dream of being kabe-doned by a horse? Neither did we, but now you can in the new Horse Prince game…and no, we’re not horsing around.

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Video of a man riding a bicycle made to look like a white horse is both beautiful and bizarre

Why is this young man riding the horse bicycle around Bangkok? We have no idea, but we can’t stop watching this video!

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Horse meat sushi restaurant opens up in Tokyo, becomes sushi’s latest craze 【Photos】

Those of you familiar with Japanese cuisine might have heard that horse meat, called basashi or sakura niku (cherry meat) due to its pink color, is a popular delicacy in Japan. Horse meat has been praised time and time again by many in the country for being low in calories and fat but also high in protein, all on top of a great taste.

Considering the meat’s popularity, and how more and more conveyor belt sushi, or kaitenzushi, restaurants have been adding non-traditional items like hamburger and roast beef sushi to their menus, you could say it was only matter of time before a horse meat option appeared.

Kagurazaka Nikusushi, a new trendy sushi restaurant between Shibuya and Ebisu in Tokyo, is now offering this new sushi sensation, and one of our Japanese writers, P.K., has the scoop!

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Toyota’s new concept is more high-tech horse than car

Toyota’s FV2 concept has made its European debut, and it doesn’t look like anything else at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It comes with lots of fancy technology, three wheels, and no steering wheel.

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