Japanese pop group Perfume and American band OK Go have teamed up to create a theme song for the new Japanese anime “Sushi Police”.

To celebrate 20 years of broadcasting, Japanese TV channel Tokyo MX will be releasing a new 3DCG anime called Sushi Police, set to debut on January 6. The series follows the adventures of three agents from the World Food Culture Conservation Organisation, who are responsible for policing the authenticity of Japanese food overseas.


Reflecting the east-meets-west narrative of the anime, Japanese techno pop unit Perfume worked together with US alternative rock band OK Go to create the theme song for the series. The new song, called “I Don’t Understand You”, will air for the first time at the opening of the television series debut. This is the first time Perfume has collaborated musically with an international artist.

We might have to wait for the official broadcast to hear the new song but we can check out the teaser trailer for the series below.

OK Go have been fans of Perfume for a long time, with the Japanese trio appearing in their 2014 music video, “I Won’t Let You Down. You can watch them in action here:

Overseeing the arrangement for their second collaboration is Perfume’s producer, 35-year-old Yasutaka Nakata, who also works for solo artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. With a total of seven number-one albums under his belt, Nakata knows how to create a hit song that resonates with audiences.

If you’re not in Japan to watch the broadcast, the new track will be available on Google Play and Amazon from January 7. Until then, let’s enjoy the girls from Perfume in 3DCG form as they promote Mercedes-Benz in this 30-second commercial.

Source: Kai-You
Top Image: Kai-You
Insert Image: Sushi Police