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Someone crashing into the side of your car is rarely a fun experience, but one man in the Philippines forgot all about his fender bender when he realised who was driving the other car…

Yes, it seems that working in the porn industry really does have perks beyond the one that immediately springs to mind. News site The Coverage Bureau reports that much-loved former adult video star Maria Ozawa was involved in a minor traffic accident recently during a visit to the Philippines, wherein she crashed her car into the side of another vehicle on a busy city road.

When you’re the cause of an accident, you can usually expect receive a few cross words from the third party. But rather than getting out and yelling about the dent in the side of his car, this male driver was all smiles the moment he saw who had crashed into him.

Neither party is believed to have been hurt in the incident, which, judging from her repeated apologies, looks to have been caused by Ozawa herself, but it’s safe to say that this is the happiest accident this gentleman will ever have.

▼ “I’m sorrrrry!”
“That’s OK, Maria. It was probably my fault anyway. Also, I love you.”

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▼ This is not the typical face of a man who has just had his car crashed into.

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Lesson learned, folks: if you ever need to get out of a sticky situation, be a porn star…

Source: CoverageYouTube/Tony Cheng
Screenshots: YouTube/Tony Cheng