An insanely flexible young Indian athlete breaks the Guinness World record for limbo skating.

Meet Tiluck Keisam. This phenomenal young skater from Manipur, India, recently broke the Guinness World Record for limbo skating at just seven years of age.

Shortly before the end of 2015, he skated a stunning 116 meters (approximately 380 feet)—more than double the length set by the previous record holder—and under a course of bars just 25 centimeters (less than 10 inches) off the ground.

It’s hard to believe that such a prodigy only began skating two years ago, but through a daily routine of strict morning and evening training practices, often alongside a personal coach, he’s more than made up for lost time.

In addition to his recent new world record feat, Tiluck has competed in various national skating competitions across the country and to date has around 50 medals to his name. He also appeared on the Indian reality television show, I Can Do That, last October.

Both his parents seem proud of his accomplishments, and say that in addition to skating, their son also enjoys drawing and painting. He attends Bluebell International School in New Dehli.

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV, Facebook/Tiluck Keisam
Featured image: YouTube/Barcroft TV
Top image: Facebook/Tiluck Keisam

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