Guinness World Record

Japanese company sets world record for largest karinto baked sweet and yes, it looks like this

A great way to celebrate World Karinto Day, but netizens immediately mistook it for something else.

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Tokyo’s teamLab most visited museum in the world, officially more popular than Van Gogh

The Tokyo museum beat out big names in the art world to take the record.

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Shinjuku arcade breaks Guinness World Record for having the most crane games

If you want it, this arcade’s probably got it.

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Japanese students and samurai in the spotlight for Guinness World Records Day 【Videos】

In Japan, children and adults alike are achieving amazing things.

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Dedicated Dragon Ball fan breaks Guinness World Record, amasses over 10,000 collectibles【Video】

And beating the previous record by almost double.

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Japanese cosplayer breaks Guinness record for largest collection of Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise

Meet Guinness re-Cordcaptor Natsumi.

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Prior owners of Keiunkan ryokan, the world’s oldest hotel, liquidate company

Hot spring inn, founded in 704, has fallen on hard times.

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Oldest man in the world celebrates his birthday following recognition from Guinness World Records

Hokkaido resident Masazo Nonaka credits sweets and hot springs for his longevity.

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Japanese elementary school students smash Guinness World Record in team skipping

Their amazing speed has them joining the ranks of other incredible record-holding skippers from Japan.

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Cardcaptor Sakura Fan in Peru Gets Guinness World Record For Largest Collection

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded Sofia Pichihua of Peru with a certificate recognizing her as the owner of the world’s largest Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia on December 11.

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Gigantic 81-foot Evangelion statue goes up in Shanghai

Recreation of anime’s Unit-01 sets very specific Guinness World Record.

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Malaysian magicians break the record for changing clothes in a single minute

Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim make the record books for their impressively quick quick-change act.

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Japanese love hotel makes plans to apply for Guinness World Record

The reason for their entry will surprise you.

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Young limbo-skating prodigy has moves like Spider-Man, smashes world record【Video】

An insanely flexible young Indian athlete breaks the Guinness World record for limbo skating.

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Watch this man break the Guinness World Record for kicking himself in the head 【Video】

What began as a simple list compiled to settle bar bets has snowballed into an international organization that documents the best of the best of the weirdest records you can possibly imagine. Just thumbing through a copy of Guinness World Records will give you more useless trivia knowledge than anyone could possibly want in a lifetime. Some of these records are so bizarre that once you discover them, it’s hard to ever forget that fact again.

Never mind important information like the 35th President of the United States, do you know what the world record is for the number of times someone can kick themselves in the head? Keep on reading to find out.

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Japanese man proposes to girlfriend with Guinness World Record-winning GPS drawing

On 30 June, 2008 Yasushi Takahashi, or Yassan for short, quit his job and set out on a trek across Japan. He took with him a GPS logger to document the journey as he experienced the “Japan that [he knows] only in books.”

That might seem like a reckless choice for a man in his thirties, but as we can see, along with Japan he was also mapping out his future during this half-year travel. Yassan also recorded parts of the trip on video and uploaded it to YouTube in a video titled Tegami-Letter.

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What’s the secret to Coco Ichi’s reign of the curry kingdom?

Curry is pretty much the ultimate Japanese comfort food loved by children, adults and picky eaters alike. And with data showing that Japanese people eat curry more than once a week, it has definitely become one of the country’s national foods despite its Indian-British origins. And one curry restaurant in particular, Curry House Coco Ichibanya or “Coco Ichi” to its patrons, is reaping the benefits of this curry craze, claiming about 80% of the market share! With more than 1,200 shops in Japan and 116 overseas franchises, it seems like nothing can stop this curry giant.

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BMX rider Takahiro Ikeda proves he’s more than just a pretty face, goes for “megaspin” world record

Takahiro Ikeda is a 23-year-old pro BMX rider who defeated many opponents and overcame numerous challenges to win a world championship in 2010. If that weren’t enough his good looks have also earned him several TV appearances.

However, last July he had to face off not with other skilled opponents, nor with the lights and cameras of the media, but with himself as he attempted to set a Guinness World Record in the “megaspin” – a move in which the rider spins around on their back wheel without touching the ground with their body or other wheel.

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Pocky & Pretz Day 2012 Hopes to Break World Record and More

Every year on 11 November people in Japan celebrate Pocky & Pretz Day. In case you don’t already know, Pocky are thin cookie sticks with chocolate, strawberry, or other flavored frosting.  Pretz are a more mature stick with salty flavors. Their simplicity is matched only by their sheer addictiveness.

Because of the date’s resemblance to the snacks (11/11), every year, their maker Ezaki Glico cooks up a special campaign. In 2011 on Pocky & Pretz Day if you tweeted a special sentence using Pocky and a particular hashtag you could have won free snacks.

However, for Pocky & Pretz Day 2012, Glico has their sights set on entering the Guinness World Records.

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Japanese Convenience Store Pasta Getting Tastier, Sets Guinness World Record

Has anyone living in Japan noticed an upgrade in quality of convenience store food lately? 

One of our Japanese reporters frequents his local convenience stores twice daily and, as an avid fan of their food, tells us that he has been pleasantly surprised by the recent rise in quality of convenience store food.

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